Sunday 12/02/17

Lunch at Jamie’s Italian, The Oracle, Reading

  • Pork Scratching and Apple Sauce, Spicy Sausage Pizza 8/10
  • Restaurant 7/10 (busy but not too noisy, good layout)
  • Service 6/10 (bit of an argument, albeit in hushed voices, going on between our waitress and the person who took our drinks order )
  • VFM 7/10


Monday 16/01/17

Dinner at Busaba, Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush, London


  • Pandan chicken with dark soy and sesame sauce, Tamarind grilled duck breast with Chinese broccoli, tamarind sauce and sticky rice 8/10
  • Restaurant 4/10 (booked ahead for a table of 14, on arrival told we could fit around one table – never going to happen with 14 adults, 12 would be difficult – or spread ourselves over two tables, the tables couldn’t be pushed together as they were bolted to the floor)
  • Service 0/10 (the waiting staff bitched about us because we were across two tables (see above), got our orders wrong, kept us waiting and talked to us as if we were something on the bottom of their shoes – they then added on an automatic service charge which we refused to pay)
  • VFM 0/10 (good food but a restaurant to avoid)



Memory Lane – March 2014

Lunch at The Fat Duck, Bray


  • Nitro Poached Aperitifs – I went for the vodka and lime
  • Red Cabbage Gazpacho with Mustard Ice Cream
  • Jelly of Quail, Crayfish Cream, Chicken Liver Parfait, Oak Moss and Truffle Toast
  • Snail Porridge
  • Roast Foie Gras
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (c.1892)
  • mad-hatters-tea-party
  • “Sound of the Sea”
  • sound-of-the-sea-2
  • Salmon Poached in a Liquorice Gel
  • The Duck
  • Hot and Iced Tea
  • Botrytis Cinerea
  • botrytis-cinerea-2
  • The “BFG”
  • the-bfg
  • Whisk(e)y Wine Gums
  • “Like a Kid in a Sweetshop”
  • Food 10/10
  • Restaurant 10/10
  • Service 10/10
  • VFM – Expensive but 10/10